About Us

Power to the People!

Your support of the Friends of the Folsom Powerhouse Association (FFPA) materially aids the preservation of a vitally important national landmark.


What is FFPA?

We are a non-profit corporation made up of volunteers dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the Folsom Powerhouse and the role it played in the early history of California. We work in cooperation with California State Parks to enhance educational and interpretive activities at the Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park.

Why is the Powerhouse important?

Imagine what life was like before electricity and then think about the profound changes in your life today because we have it. The Folsom Powerhouse was instrumental in bringing these changes to you. It was one of the first powerhouses in the U.S. to send high voltage alternating current over long distance transmission lines when it sent 11,000 volts over 22 miles to light up Sacramento on July 13, 1895 and provide power to its homes and businesses. Although it was closed in 1952 it is the only example of a hydroelectric powerhouse still in its original configuration and accessible to the public. Visitors to the beautiful park site overlooking Lake Natoma can enjoy the visitor center with interactive exhibits, guided tours of the Powerhouse, walk nature trails to Indian Grinding Rocks, picnic in the area or fish in the lake.

Why support FFPA?

The achievements of the past provide the knowledge and inspiration to current and later generations to imagine and develop the innovations of the future. The Powerhouse stands as tangible evidence of these past achievements and preserving it will provide a shining light and inspiration to the innovators of the future. FFPA is a partner with California State Parks in this ongoing effort to preserve and develop this unique historical resource.

Where does the money go?

Funds generated through donations, memberships, special events and the sale of interpretive items enable us to support California State Parks’ educational and interpretive programs and activities, as well as fund research, displays/exhibits and literature pertaining to the Powerhouse. Additionally, association money assists in preserving and conserving the facility and its features.

Meet the FFPA Board of Directors

The FFPA Board of Directors meets monthly to conduct the business of the association. Although all members of the Board are volunteers we have two liaison representatives from the California State Parks System who are employed in various capacities within the parks system. They provide invaluable guidance to FFPA on all matters related to the Park. If you are interested in serving on the Board or volunteering on committees or for events, email us at info@ffpaonline.org.

Scott Hayes – President

Karen Polastri – Vice President

Rick Dwyer – Treasurer

Ken Appel – Director

Jeff Bowers – Director

Jim Detmers – Director

Brad Livingood – Director

Kevin Wright – Director

California State Parks System Representatives
Richard Preston – Folsom Sector Superintendent, Gold Fields District, California State Parks
Terri L. Lopez – District Interpretive Specialist, Gold Fields District, California State Parks

Join Our Volunteer Circle – It’s Fun and Rewarding

FFPA has a variety of volunteer opportunities available to suit just about everyone’s needs and interest. If you are interested in membership and would like to take part in any of our many programs and activities, please complete the Online Volunteer Application. We always welcome your enthusiasm and support.

Please note that there are volunteers both through FFPA and the California State Parks’ volunteer in parks program (VIP). The VIP program opportunities include Historical Research, Docent/Interpretive Guide, Student Tours, and Visitor Center Receptionist.

Your donation to Friends of the Folsom Powerhouse contributes to our goal of providing the community with interpretative, conservation and educational programs for the Folsom Powerhouse State Park. Any size donation is appreciated!